Minibus Conversions

When businesses need to transport people rather than cargo, the abundant interior space of a van-derived vehicle can be extremely useful. They give everyone on board the space to stretch out and relax while also offering room for everyone’s luggage. Minibus conversions take faithful panel vans and swap the loadspace for seating so that businesses can keep their team together and mobile.

Vic Young Conversions has the contacts and expertise to supply your business with minibuses that can carry the entire team in safety and return affordable running costs.

Which models are used?

With so many close industry contacts we are able to source the model that matches the requirements of your business perfectly. We enjoy access to the large NV400 van that can be converted to a fully-fledged minibus and the NV200 which makes an ideal crew van. The Primastar and Interstar are also regularly adapted, but our expertise applies to many other manufacturers beyond Nissan. To talk us if you have a preferred model in mind and we will let you know if it suits a minibus conversion.

What type of conversions are available?

The type of minibus conversion depends on the size of the model. Some crew van adaptations fit three full size seats behind the front section, while others seat up to 12. Windows can be added for everyone’s comfort, and three-point seat belts make sure the van meets road safety laws.

Custom conversions built around your business

However many people you frequently need to transport, we can find an option that carries them all and is cost effective. When you sit down to speak with one of our advisers we will make sure we understand your requirements and budget exactly before we make our recommendation. We always aim to present a competitive price and provide honest, transparent advice every time you talk to us.

Make contact with the Vic Young Conversions team in South Shields to discuss a minibus conversion for you. Enquire via the website for a quick reply, call us when the dealership is open, or visit in person.