Nissan NV400 Crew Cab
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab

Crew Van

The solution for work and leisure

By fitting a second seat row with an integrated partition wall it is possible to convert your NV300 panel van into a Crew Van at all times. The perfect solution for the combined transport of people and material.

The mid-size van with big potential

Obviously the Crew Cab applies to the European safety standard. All seats are provided with 3-point inertia-reel safety belts and tiltable and in height adjustable head restraints. The partition wall is designed to meet the BS/ISO27956 standard for load shifting protection. Also the design plays an important role when developing a Crew Cab. The finely designed partition wall separates the load and passenger compartment completely.

Nissan NV400 Crew Cab


Crew Cab

The Luxury variant is designed for those who place high demands on their double cabin. By choosing a 3-seater contoured bench or 4-seater bench, up to a maximum of seven people can travel safe and comfortable.

The fine and luxurious finishing of the double cabin perfectly fits with the original design of the vehicle. It makes you almost forget that it’s a commercial vehicle.

The Luxury double cabin is often used by self-employed who want the best of the best for both work and leisure.

Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Step-in cover plastic
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Seating
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Seating

Merged Perfection

// Floor covered with fixed carpet mat 

// Storage pockets integrated in lower 

    off-side cover  

// Bench cover with storage pocket 

// 3-Seater contoured bench with 2 armrests in between

Nissan NV300 Crew Cab Van


Crew Cab

Comfort and functionality can be mentioned in one breath when describing the Comfort variant. Up to six persons can travel safely and comfortable with the 3-seater bench. The luxury sidewall finishing contains convenient storage pockets and a cup holder.

With the combination of a comfortable 3-seater bench and sustainable materials your double cabin is always ready for intensive use.

Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Seating
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab

Ergonomical and Safe

// Luxury step-in cover plastic

// Tooled ABS-plastic headlining

// Off-side finished with lower and upper


// H2: Partition wall extension part

Nissan NV400 Crew Cab
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Program and Dimensions
Nissan NV400 Crew Cab | Specifications and options

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