Based on the Nissan e-NV200 Combi

The EVE is a fully electric powered vehicle that was made for wheelchair accessibility. It has;
  • Green energy technology
  • ZERO emissions
  • ZERO carbon footprint
  • A greener route to passenger transport
  • Full accessibility
  • Running cost savings

EVE incorporates Nissan's plug-in technology and offers truly low cost motoring and environmentally-friendly, ZERO carbon emission experience

  • Classes as an Ultra-Low Emitting Vehicle - benefits from 100% First Year Allowance until 2018
  • 'Fuel' cost reduced to as little as 2p per mile
  • Servicing costs approximately £350 lower than petrol or diesel equivalent
  • Battery can be fully charged in four hours* - or topped up to 90% with just 30 minutes *(32 amp charge, rapid charge only)*
  • home charging facility with a netwrok of charging points throughout the UK
  • Exempt from Congestion Charge
  • Multi-purpose, versatile and comfortable

Combining technical innovation with our comprehensive understanding of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) market, EVE, the fully electric vehicle, has been developed by Vic Young.

Based on the Nissasn e-NV200 Combi the EVE is a fully electric WAV, providing greener, cleaner passenger transport... and it saves on costs too.

EVE has been developed so that the wheelchair user can access the vehicle with ease, via the vehicle's ramp system, which has been specially designed by Vic Young.

The wheelchair user will then travel on a lowered floor, ensuring high levels on comfort for the passenger.

And what's more, EVE's five standard passenger seats are retained even while a wheelchair user is on board, meaning greater flexibility for passenger transport.

When not in use, the ramp folds flat, creating a useful luggage space, when the wheelchair passenger is not on board.

To discuss specifications and pricing contact Sean Cairns or Steven Brown on 0191 427 1566 today.