£499 Advance Payment

Motability New Vehicle Payment | MG Cars
Electric MG5


  • 7-year warranty
  • Cruise control
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Rear parking camera
  • 235 mile range (on a full charge)
  • 80% charge in as little as 50 minutes
  • 17" alloy wheels

Battery Capacity
Driving Range: WLTP
Combined (Miles)

MG5 EV Trophy Long Range

Automatic 1 Speed 156 61.1 0 235


Model DLA/PIP Advance Payment DLA/PIP Weekly Rental WPMS Advance Payment WPMS Weekly Rental
MG5 EV Trophy Long Range 115kW 61kWh Auto £499.00 Total Allowance £0 £80.96
Electric MG5
Electric MG5 EV
MG5 EV Car
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MG5 South Shields
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Electric MG5

Cost of Charging An MG5 EV

Home (Empty to Full) £6.98 3.84p
Public Rapid Chargers (20% - 80%) £7.78 7.13p

* Assumes tariff of 14p/kWh. The cost of home charging will vary depending on your electricity rate.

** Assumes tariff of 26p/kWh applicable to most Pod Point rapid chargers.

Please Note: The cost of charging your car will vary between home, work and public charge points (above are estimates).

Charging Time For An MG5 EV

Charging Method Typically Found At: Charging Time* Range/Hour**
3-Pin Plug Home 23 h 8 miles per hour
3.7kW Home / Work 14 h 13 m/h
7kW Home / Work / Public Locations 8 h 24 m/h
22kW Work / Public Locations 8 h 24 m/h
50kW Public Locations 40 mins 91 miles / 30 mins
150kW Public Locations 40 mins 91 miles / 30 mins

* Based on Pod Point estimates, charging rates can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate.

** Range per hour is the number of miles you can expect to get from an hour of charging at the relevant rate.

Please Note: The table above displays the estimated time to charge your car from empty to full. For rapid charging we display the time to charge from 20% - 80%, as charging usually slows outside of this range to protect the battery.

Available colours:​

MG5 Trophy - Black
Black Pearl
MG5 Trophy - Blue
Piccadilly Blue
MG5 Trophy - Grey
Hampstead Grey
MG5 Trophy - Red
Dynamic Red
MG5 Trophy - Silver
Cosmic Silver
MG5 Trophy - White
Arctic White
MG Motor - MG5 Long Range
MG iSmart - Activation
MG iSmart - Find my Car
MG iSmart - Health Check
MG iSmart - Remote Function Activation
MG iSmart - Battery and Charge
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