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Used Car Warranty | Vic Young Dealership

Platinum Mechanical Breakdown & MOT Test Cover

At Vic Young Car Dealership, every used car we sell comes with a FREE 1 year warranty. This FREE 1 year warranty can be used at any VAT registered repair garage in the UK. For an additional fee, we can extend your warranty to 48 months instead of 12.

Our used car warranties are not exclusive to customers who purchase a used car from Vic Young - our warranties are also available to any person with a vehicle less than 10 years old. If you have a vehicle that you have purchased from a different dealership, and you would be interested in receiving a quote for a 12 month or 48 month warranty - please contact us by phone or online enquiry.

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1. What's Covered?

Mechanical breakdown insurance: All mechanical and electrical components and associated labour costs are covered by this insurance against mechanical breakdown provided they are of the original manufacturer's specification and are not listed below.

Bodywork, paintwork, light units, interior and exterior trim, glass, mirrors, handles, hinges, cables, pipes, hoses, wires, belts, fasteners, exhaust systems, alarms, tracker units, immobilisers, central locking remote control units, ICE including LCD / TV screens, seats, seat belt systems & air bag systems. Routine maintenance & items failing due to general deterioration or wear and tear.

Workshop consumables and service & maintenance items which include, but are not limited to; spark plugs, glow plugs, brake & clutch friction materials, wiper blades & arms, bulbs, batteries & fuses.

Pipes, hoses, unions, wiring & connections, air conditioning, / climate control system receiver drier.

If the repair of a covered component necessitates re-gassing of the air conditioning system this insurance will pay a maximum of £40.00 including VAT toward the cost.

The maximum amount that this insurance will pay for any one claim, and the amount we will pay for all claims in total during the period of insurance, will be limited to the claim limits shown on your schedule.

If the insured vehicle is part-time or full-time four wheel drive an additional premium must be paid and noted on your schedule.


The following components will be covered for mechanical breakdown if an additional premium is paid and noted on your schedule.

Catalytic Converter

Factory fitted catalytic converter. Excludes damage or failure caused by impact, corrosion or the use of incorrect grade or type of fuel.

Power Roof Motor

Factory fitted convertible roof motor, solenoids & control ECU.

Satellite Navigation System

Factory fitted satellite navigation system. Excludes software updates, wiring & third party services.

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2. What's Not Covered?

2.1Components other than those specifically in section 2 of this policy.

2.2 General maintenance and components failing due to wear and tear.

2.3 Faults which occur during the period of guarantee of a manufacturer or supplier, or items which are subject to a manufacturer's recall.

2.4 Damage caused by overheating, freezing, corrosion or the intrusion of harmful substances (for example the ingress of water), use of an incorrect grade of fuel or oil, lack of antifreeze, lubrication or servicing.

2.5 Improper use of the insured vehicle, neglect or abuse of any kind, or drive on damage after a fault has occurred.

2.6 Faults which were on the insured vehicle at the time of purchase, or caused by poor servicing or previous repair.

2.7 Damage caused by the failure of components not covered by this insurance, or to components not covered by this insurance.

2.8 Any repairs not authorised by the administrator prior to the repair work being carried out.

2.9 Any costs other than those specifically agreed and authorised by the administrator.

2.10 Diagnosis, adjustments, the cleaning of components or "re-facing" costs (e.g. skimming or honing).

2.11 Costs in excess of the equivalent UK specification vehicle, if your vehicle has been imported.

3.12 The failure of components due to lack of routine or regular maintenance.

3. Additional Benefits

In the event of a valid claim for mechanical breakdown we will provide the following additional benefits. The costs of providing these benefits will constitute part of the total claim and are subject to the maximum claim limit as stated on the your schedule. Please retain all your receipts.

3.1 Continental Use

This insurance covers you for personal travel up to 60 days per annum to member countries of the European Union. We will reimburse claims costs in accordance with the equivalent UK component and labour costs.

3.2 Hotel Accommodation and Rail Fare

In the event of a mechanical breakdown away from home which means you are unable to return to your home we will pay up to £100 including VAT toward the cost of your overnight hotel accommodation or your rail fare to get you home.

3.3 Recovery

In the event a mechanical breakdown renders your insured vehicle immobile (or if continued driving of your insured vehicle could cause danger or further damage) we will pay up to £50 including VAT towards the cost of recovering your insured vehicle to a repairing garage.


4. Caring For Your Vehicle

Failure to service your vehicle in line with the manufacturer's recommendations will not invalidate this insurance. However, this insurance will not cover faults attributable to or caused by lack of routine or regular maintenance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is maintained in a legal and roadworthy condition at all times by following the manufacturer's recommended service schedule.

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5. MOT Insurance - What's Covered?

The insurer will indemnify you against the repair, replacement or alteration of parts described in an MOT Inspection Report (VT30) prepared during the period of insurance which prevents the vehicle specified on the schedule from being issued with a valid MOT certificate. Components not listed below are not covered by this insurance:

Lighting and Electrical

Headlights and adjustment , (excluding corroded or damaged adjustments) front and rear side lights, brake lights, rear fog lights, hazard warning lights and controls, direction indicator, lights and controls, front windscreen wiper mechanism (excluding wiper blades), horn and switch, lighting equipment is covered for failure due to discoloration, misalignment, corrosion and water ingress, damage caused by impact, accident or vandalism is not included.

Steering and Suspension

Wheel bearings, steering system (including power assisted steering) transmission shafts (excluding gaitors), front and rear suspension, shock absorbers, track and control arms, kingpins, ball joints and wheel alignment.

Braking System

Service brake and hand brake (including failure due to seizure, cracks and leakage), ABS system (the warning light sequence when interrogated). Friction Components - brake shoes, pads, discs, and drums are not covered by Your Insurance.

Fuel System

Fuel leakage from tank or pipes (unless caused by accidental or impact damage or corrosion), fuel injection system and ECU are covered for failure to meet MOT exhaust emissions standards.

Seating and Security

Operation and security of the seatbelt systems and mountings.

The maximum amount we will pay per individual item (including labour and VAT) within the overall claims limit is £250 (total of £650 in aggregate).

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6. MOT Insurance - What's Not Covered?

6.1 More than one claim in any one period of cover.

6.2 The first £20.00 per claim.

6.3 Any claim made within 90 days of the purchase of the agreement, or more than 30 days before or after the MOT test due date notified on the schedule.

6.4 The cost of the MOT test or the cost of any re-test and labour or parts necessitated by failing a re-test.

6.5 Circumstances where the fault causing need for repair was evident prior to the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty period, where the covered component is subject to a manufacturers recall, inherent manufacturers design fault or the problem was in existence prior to the sale of the MOT Test Insurance policy.

6.6 This insurance will not cover your insured vehicle if it:

a. is used for hire or reward for example as a taxi, mini cab or for driving tuition.

b. has been modified unless we have agreed this before the insurance start date;

c. is over 3.5 tonnes;

d. is used in any sort of race or rally or any other competition; or

e. has been the subject of an insurance total loss.

6.7 Work necessitated in order to pass an MOT test caused by:

a. corrosion

b. fire

c. frost

d. impact or accident, including road traffic accident;

e. any repairs, loss, damage or liability which is claimable under any existing insurance, warranty or guarantee.

f. misuse or any kind of act or omission which is willful, unlawful or negligent.

6.8 Any costs incurred in excess or outside the liability under agreement including any form of consequential loss, depreciation, or diminution of any nature and faults in workmanship or materials, or any consequential loss in repairs paid for by us on your behalf. It is your responsibility to meet any repair charges in excess of, or rejected as not being our liability.

6.9 Service items, including but not limited to spark plugs, leads, belts, wiper blades, batteries, antifreeze, fluids, grease, fuels or oils.

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