Used Car National Breakdown Cover - Available at Vic Young Car Dealership

National Breakdown Cover

At Vic Young Car Dealership, every used car we sell comes with a FREE 1 year warranty. This FREE 1 year warranty can be used at any VAT registered repair garage in the UK. For an additional fee, we can extend your warranty to 48 months instead of 12.

Our used car warranties are not exclusive to customers who purchase a used car from Vic Young - our warranties are also available to any person with a vehicle less than 10 years old. If you have a vehicle that you have purchased from a different dealership, and you would be interested in receiving a quote for a 12 month or 48 month warranty - please contact us by phone or online enquiry.

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1. Where Am I Covered?

All memberships are valid in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, known as the territorial limits.​

2. What Am I Covered For?

Should they occur within the period of cover and within the territorial limits, as stated above, this membership covers you for the following incidents:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Accidental damage
  • Vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft
  • Flat battery
  • Accidental damage to tyres
  • Loss or breakage of keys
  • Keys locked within your covered vehicle. Only the named policyholder in the vehicle(s) registered with Tobell and stated on your schedule of cover are covered.

For breakdowns no assistance can be given to an unregistered vehicle regardless of circumstances. Should you change vehicle at any time during your period of cover you need to inform us immediately.

In the case of key breakage, keys locked within your covered vehicle, the use of incorrect fuel, flat tyre or puncture, you will be covered for roadside assistance and a maximum of 10 miles recovery, if recovery is appropriate to the circumstance. Please note that you will be responsible for paying any incremental costs such as lock replacement, new keys, drainage of tank, disposal of wrong fuel, any replacement fuel and any replacement or repair of tyres.

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3. How Many Callouts Am I Allowed?

This membership covers you for up to 6 callouts in any one 12 month period of cover, unless otherwise specified on your schedule of cover, thereafter, any subsequent incident(s) shall not be covered by this membership.

4. What Cover Do I Have?

As a member of Spectrum cover you will receive, from your supplying dealer, a national recovery and home assistance cover. The length of cover will be shown on your schedule. The cover level is indicated below.

1. National Recovery: Roadside assistance and national recovery in the UK

2. Home Assistance: Assistance at the registered home address of the member

National Recovery - Provides cover if your vehicle suffers an incident, as stated above, and is more than one-mile radius from your registered home address.

You will be covered for any eligible incident and for the costs involved with the roadside assistance (excluding labour charges over one hour and the cost of any parts) or recovery to a local garage within 10 miles during the period of cover and within the territorial limits. Infinity will send help to the scene of the incident and arrange to pay call out fees and mileage charges needed to repair or assist with the vehicle.

If it is the recovery operator's opinion that thye are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside we will arrange and pay for your vehicle and up to 7 passengers, including the driver, to be recovered to the nearest garage within 10 miles able to undertake the repair.

In addition, if your vehicle is not repairable at a local garage within the same working day, we will either; recover you, your vehicle and your passengers to your home or original destination or provide alternative travel for you and your passengers to your home or original destination.

Home Assistance - You will be covered if the covered incident is reported when the vehicle is at the registered home address or within a one-mile radius of the registered home address. If we are unable to repair your vehicle we will recover it to a garage or dealership of your choice close to your home address.

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5. General Cover Instructions

Applicable to all our levels of cover, there are some general cover inclusions, as follows:

Alternative Travel

If your vehicle is not repairable in the same working day that you first report the incident to us, or in a period agreed between us and you, we will pay up to £100.00 (maximum) towards the cost of alternative transport or car hire.

Caravans and Trailers

If your vehicle breaks down and your caravan or trailer is attached, providing the caravan or trailer is fitted with a standard towing hitch and does not exceed 7 metres (23 feet) in length, your caravan or trailer will be recovered to the same destination as your vehicle at no extra cost to you.

Message Service

If you require, we will pass on two messages to your home or place of work to let them know of your predicament and ease your/their worry.

Accident Assistance

In the event of a non-fault road traffic accident, within the period of cover, we will assist in arranging a hire vehicle and the recovery of any uninsured losses via our chosen panel of specialist representatives or solicitors we can assist you in pursuing a claim against the third party for:

  • Damage caused to our vehicle
  • Claims for injury or death
  • Claims for uninsured losses (e.g. policy excesses, loss of earnings, travel expenses)
  • Vehicle maintenance

A breakdown membership is not a replacement for servicing and maintaining your vehicle, you must have your vehicle properly serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications. Please keep proof of this in case we request to see your documentation. If you call us for assistance and our recovery operator reports to us that it is evident you have not maintained your vehicle in a roadworthy condition, you will have to pay all the costs arising from the assistance provided.

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