PRICE: £33,595

7 Year Warranty
MG HS Plug-in | MG Cars | Vic Young


  • 7-year warranty
  • Cruise control
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Rear parking camera
  • Apple Car Play TM
  • EV-only range of 32 miles
  • 18" 'hurricane cut' alloy wheels

Fuel Consumption
Combined (mpg)
Battery Capacity
WLTP Combined
Driving Range (EV Only):
WLTP Combined Cycle (miles)


MG HS Plug-In Exclusive

1.5T-GDI Plug-in Hybrid Automatic 10 Speed
258 155.8 16.6 43 155.8 (1.8) 32


Charging Time For An MG HS Plug-In Hybrid EV

Charging Method Typically Found At: Charging Time* Range/Hour**
3-Pin Plug Home 7 h 4.6 m/h
7kW Home / Work / Public Locations 3 h 10.6 m/h
22kW Work / Public Locations 1.5 h 24 m/h

* Based on Pod Point estimates, charging rates can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate.

** Range per hour is the number of miles you can expect to get from an hour of charging at the relevant rate.

Please Note: The table above displays the estimated time to charge your car from empty to full. For rapid charging we display the time to charge from 20% - 80%, as charging usually slows outside of this range to protect the battery.

MG HS Hybrid Model
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MG Pilot involves a suite of driver assistance technology to lend a helping hand and give you added confidence on the road. A selection of warning and alert features assist the driver, maintaining safety and simplifying everyday driving.


At speeds below 12 mph, the car will automatically apply its brakes to avoid a collision with a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian. At speeds above 12 mph, AEB will reduce the likelihood or mitigate the severity of an accident.


Lane Keep Assist uses a camera to detect lane markings ahead and monitors the vehicle’s position in its lane. When the function detects the vehicle is about to unintentionally move out of its lane, it warns the driver by means of a visual, audible and steering wheel vibration. The car will also control the steering to keep within its lane.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) monitors the road ahead. As long as the road ahead is clear, ACC maintains the speed set by the driver. If the system spots a slower vehicle within its detection range, it gently reduces speed by releasing the accelerator or actively engaging the brake control system. If the vehicle ahead speeds up or changes lanes, ACC automatically accelerates back to the driver’s desired speed.


When Adaptive Cruise Control is turned on, Traffic Jam Assist continuously analyses the speed of the surrounding vehicles and compares it with its own driving speed. If the system detects dense traffic or a traffic jam at speeds below 35 mph, the driver can activate TJA. The car will automatically follow the vehicle in front, controlling its acceleration, braking and steering within the same lane.


This system keeps a lookout to help you change lanes safely. A radar sensor serves as BSD’s electronic eye, registering objects in hard-to see areas. Whenever there is a vehicle in the driver’s blind spot, a visual signal will show in the door mirror.


When the headlight high beam is set to the AUTO position, the system automatically switches to low beam when it detects a vehicle ahead. This enables drivers to maximise the use of high beam, making night-time driving safer, without the risk of dazzling on-coming traffic.


The car will actively detect speed limit signs and alert the driver of the current speed limit by way of a symbol on the driver's instrument cluster. The symbol acts as a reminder to the driver, reducing the risk of exceeding the speed limit.

Available colours:

MG HS Plug-in Trophy Black
Black Pearl
MG HS Plug-in Trophy Silver
Cosmic Silver
MG HS Plug-in Trophy Red
Dynamic Red
MG HS Plug-in Trophy Blue
Holborn Blue
MG HS Plug-in Trophy Grey
Urban Grey
MG HS Plug-in Trophy White
White Pearl
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