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£25,499+VAT Electric MAXUS Van | Buy or lease (contract hire) your next electric van from Vic Young Ltd

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MAXUS e-Deliver 3 | Panel Van | Electric

Electric Van: Up to 213 Mile Range

50.23 kWh Battery


  • 213 mile range on a full battery (50.23 kWh battery)
  • 8 year / 100,000 mile battery warranty
  • 7kW / 22kW EV Wall Charger: Approx. 5 hrs to fully charge battery
  • 50kW / 150kW rapid charger: 67 miles per 30 mins charge
  • Benefit in kind (BiK) / company car tax rate for EVs is fixed at an extremely low 2% for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 tax years.
  • Up to 870KG Payload (With 1 passenger)
  • Exempt from ULEZ & congestion charges
  • £0 Road tax / company car tax (BIK)


Maxus Electric Van

MAXUS e-Deliver 3 Panel Van (Electric Van)

The fully-electric Maxus e-Deliver 3 Van is available for sale or contract hire - perfect for organisations wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and lower fuel costs. This eco-friendly vehicle has zero emissions, zero congestion charge and zero road tax. Company car tax, or benefit in kind (BIK) is £0 with the fully electric MAXUS e-Deliver 3 Van.

8yr / 100,000 Mile Battery Warranty

0-60mph12.0 Seconds (50.23 kWh)
Battery50.23 kWh
(8-yr 100,000 mile Battery Guarantee)


Electric Vans UK

Lower in Cost than Most Electric Vans

The Maxus e Deliver 3 is considerably lower in cost than most electric vans due to being a relatively new brand entering the European market and being manufactured in China. However the e-Deliver 3 comes with a respectable five-year or 60,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first) plus a separate policy covering the batteries for eight years or 100,000 miles.

A huge positive for the Maxus e-Deliver 3 is that each van comes with a decent level of equipment as standard, including reversing camera and parking sensors, heated seats, cruise control, air conditioning and a 7.0 inch touchscreen – features you’d pay extra for on many vans.

Panel Van

MAXUS e-Deliver 3 Panel Van - Ideal for Organisations Switching to Electric Vans

The MAXUS e-DELIVER 3 Panel Van is fully-electric and cleverly designed to maximise payload and battery range. Using a combination of light weight materials such as aluminum and polymer composite materials, this commercial EV is robust in design and powerful in performance - providing a generous payload of up to 870KG with 1 passenger, and up to 795KG with up to 2 passengers.


Electric Vans for Sale

MAXUS e-Deliver 3 Van Payload: 870KG

Payload Breakdown:

1 Driver 870 kg
1 Driver + 1 Passenger 795 kg

Vehicle Dimensions

  • 1890mm long
  • 1450mm wide


    Electric Van UK

    Up to 213 Mile Range on a Fully-Charged Battery

    The Maxus e DELIVER 3 Panel Van possesses a 50.23Kw battery configuration with a 90KW /250Nm motor, working in tandem to produce an impressive range of up to 213 miles/344kms.

    The 50.23 kWh battery that can provide a range of up to 213 miles (WLTP City).

    Maxus e Deliver 3 Van achieves a top speed of 75mph and can take as little as 12 seconds to go from zero to top speed.

    Its impressive charging time of up to 80% battery charge in 45 mins using a rapid charger, enables businesses to recharge and get back on the road in the quickest time possible.

    Electric Van for Sale

    Cost of Charging a Maxus e-Deliver 3 Van

    The cost of charging your car will vary between home, work and public charge points (below are our estimates).

    PlaceAvg. CostCost/mile
    Home (empty to full)* £8.82 10p
    Public rapid chargers (20%-80%)** £8.82 16p

    * Assumes tariff of 28p/kWh. The cost of home charging will vary depending on your electricity rate.

    ** Assumes tariff of 44p/kWh applicable to most network rapid chargers as of April 2022.

    How Long Does it Take to Charge a Maxus e-Deliver 3 Van?

    Charging MethodTypically Found atCharging Time*
    3-pin Plug Home 15 h 6 m/h
    3.6 kW Home / Work 10 h 10 m/h
    7 kW Home / Work / Public Locations 5 h 19 m/h
    22 kW Work / Public Locations 5 h 19 m/h


    50kW Public Locations 30 min 67 m/30 min
    150kW Public Locations 30 min 67 m/30 min

    * Based on Pod Point estimates, charging time can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate. Max charging rate may also be limited by the vehicle.

    ** Range per hour is the number of miles you can expect to get from an hour of charging at the relevant rate.

    Hybrid Vans UK

    MAXUS e-DELIVER 3 Van - Standard Equipment

    • 2 Driving Modes
    • ESC - Electric Stability Control
    • 3 Energy Recovery Modes
    • Front & Rear Ventilated Discs
    • Air Conditioning
    • Front McPherson Independent Suspension
    • Automatic On/Off Headlights
    • Heated Seats
    • Bluetooth
    • Height Adjustable Steering Wheel
    • Cruise Control
    • Immobiliser
    • Daytime Running Lights
    • Multifunction Steering Wheel
    • Electric Adjustment Of Outside Mirror
    • Rake Adjustable Steering Wheel
    • Electric Power Assisted Steering
    • Rear leaf Spring Suspension
    • Electric Windows
    • Reversing Camera
    • Driver & passenger Airbags
    • Rear Parking Sensors
    • Ternary Polymer Lithium Battery
    • Touch Screen 7 inch
    Maxus Van
    Maxus Electric Van Price

    e Deliver 3 Power Train

    SAIC are a recognised leader in the motor industry technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new solutions for the automotive industry.

    A part of that revolution SAIC are one of the market leaders in battery technology, having developed a number of battery options for the e Deliver 3, by using various battery cooling methods, which allows for reduced charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%) AC 5hrs), as well as helping extend battery life and increase the operating range.

    The e Deliver 3 comes with a 90KW /250Nm motor, AC/DC charging options and a 52.5Kw battery.

    MAXUS Electric Vans
    New LDV Maxus

    Drivers' Environment and Comfort

    Stay cool at all times with eDELIVER smart air conditioning system. The eDELIVER models include manual air conditioning for your comfort and comfort of your passengers. The variable control of the air conditioning system ensures that the temperature cane be adjusted easily & quickly. So you can always rely on a pleasant working environment, whatever the weather.


    MAXUS Van Review

    Multi-Function Steering Wheel

    Make use of important features using the multi-function steering wheel whilst keeping full control of your vehicle. Answer and hang-up your mobile phone, control the volume of the stereo and manage the cruise control functions whilst keeping both hands on the steering wheel. Cruise Control - set the cruising speed and keep it constant, all at the tips of your fingers.

    LDV Maxus Van

    Infotainment System

    the Maxus eDELIVER 3 Refrigeration Van offers a pure driving experience that any van driver will appreciate. Professional drivers have busy and often long days, and this is why the eDELIVER 3 cabin area offers all the comfort and practicality of a mobile office space.

    Packed with cutting edge technology and practical features, you'll have everything you need and all operated at the touch of a button via touch screen. in addition to the radio functions, the high specification includes USB ports for both the driver and passenger, so you can always remain connected whether by the laptop or by simply hooking up your smartphone to the system. A ready-to-go mobile office space. Use the link to access all your apps and emails.

    Maxus Van Price

    Storage System

    The new MAXUS eDeliver Refrigeration Van offers all the storage you need to keep you cab area neat & organised. There is no place for everything, in addition to the glovebox there are storage areas in the door pockets to keep things close to hand. Larger items can also be stored under the seats.

    • USB port and mini jack port' (driver and passenger)
    • 12 V power socket
    • Cup holder (driver & passenger)
    MAXUS LDV Vans

    Comprehensive Safety Standards

    At Vic Young Conversions, safety is paramount and the Maxus e-Deliver 3 Van meets all European commercial vehicle collision design standards.

    Advanced driver assistance system as standard combined with the latest generation of ESP Electronic Stability Program, bring peace of mind to any driver.

    • Visual Reversing Camera
    • Driver & Passenger Airbag
    • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
    • Hand Brake
    • ESC (ESP)
    • Daytime Running Lamp
    • Driver-S/Belt Reminder
    • Eco Drive Mode Setting
    • 7 inch Touch Screen
    • Multifunction Steering Wheel


    LDV MAXUS Vans for Sale
    New LDV MAXUS Vans for Sale

    Maxus Vehicle Warranty


    Basic vehicle warranty covers the non Electric Vehicle parts - 5yrs 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms).

    Electric vehicle drive train warranty covers all the electric vehicle parts - 5yrs 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms).

    Electric vehicle battery (Li-Ion) capacity coverage covers capacity loss - 8yrs 100,000 miles (160,000 Kms).

    Your vehicle is covered by a warranty package for 5 years 60,000 miles and the Battery 8 years 100,000 miles from date of first registration. Your MAXUS Dealer or MAXUS EV Dealer is able to repair or replace, without charge, parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised by MAXUS. The paintwork warranty runs for 3 years and the anti-corrosion warranty for 10 years.

    MAXUS Assist

    5 Years MAXUS Assistance (RAC)

    Should you need it, MAXUS will provide emergency roadside repairs or recover you to the nearest MAXUS Dealer. This service is available 24 hours a day and is provided for 5 years or 60,000 miles (100,000 Kms) from the date of first registration, whichever comes first. Assistance is provided within the UK & Northern Ireland only at roadside and home and includes national recovery to nearest dealer or home dealer. Assistance applies to mechanical or electrical defects which are covered by warranty.

    Service Intervals

    Maxus eDeliver 3 Refigeration Van: 24 months or 18,000 miles (30,000 Kms) thereafter. MAXUS vehicles must use MAXUS approved service centres only when still within warranty period.

    Electric Maxus Van

    About Maxus

    Maxus is one of several well-known brands under the parent company SAIC, based in China.

    After acquiring LDV in 2010, SAIC manufactured these LCVs under the MAXUS moniker for the home market in China and select left-hand drive markets in Europe such as Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. Then in April 2020, LDV rebranded as MAXUS across right-hand drive Europe, consolidating the brand’s presence across Europe, China and beyond. The Maxus brand continues to represent outstanding performance, high efficiency and superb reliability across its range of vehicles


    Electric Panel Van

    Need an Electric MAXUS Van converting into a Refrigerator Van? No Problem!

    Buy or lease (contract hire) your next refrigerated van from the UK's no.1 conversion specialists. Vic Young Ltd have provided multiple electric fridge vans to various clients including fish mongers and butchers. Our temperature controlled refrigeration unit can operate as low as -7 Celsius for cold goods. The refrigeration unit is powered by a separate auxiliary battery so that it does not impact the main vehicle battery and won't effect the mile range of the vehicle.

    Electric Vans UK

    Congestion Charge & ULEZ-exempt

    The Maxus e-Deliver 3 is now available as a fully-electric, Refrigeration Van. The MAXUS e-Deliver 3 Van has a range of up to 213 miles (50.23 kWh) and is both congestion charge and ULEZ-exempt, making it perfect for businesses looking to reduce their carbon emissions and transport costs.


    Maxus VANS Electric

    About MAXUS (formerly LDV) brand

    Innovative, thought-leading and future focused, Shanghai Automotive Indsutry Corporation (SAIC) is the largest automotive group in China, and is the name behind the MAXUS (formerly LDV) brand.

    Based in Shanghai, SAIC produces almost seven million vehicles each year for both domestic and international markets and is a Fortune 500 listed company with almost 100,000 employees.

    With a long history tracing back to the 1940s, SAIC saw real growth from the mid-1980s onwards following a number of partnerships that allowed it to produce competitive vehicles by utilising the latest technology.

    The company has a number of well-known brands within its portfolio including, since 2010, the acclaimed MAXUS range of LCVs. SAIC has invested more than £2 billion in this brand, with a strong focus on safety, innovation and the introduction of new products to the range, including a suite of EVs that are already setting the standard for the future of eco-fuelled commercial motoring.

    Today, there are eight major automotive groups within SAIC, including SAIC MAXUS. SAIC's vision is to continue to build an innovative, globally-recognised company that pioneers the future of the automotive industry, actively promoting new energy vehicles.

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