York University Electric Box Van
Manchester University Electric Box Van

Manchester Metropolitan and York University were highly satisfied with the electric vehicle they received from Vic Young. Here are the key reasons why they decided to go with us for their commercial van...

1. Largest Fully Electric Box Van in the Country

The first of its kind in the UK, our electric van has an 8.5 cubic metre load volume, an increase from the 3.9 cubic metres of the standard e-NV200.

2. Peace of Mind

Not only is our conversions team highly reliable and expertly trained, the electric box van guarantees peace of mind with 5 year vehicle warranty and 8 year battery warranty.

3. Starting Price: £34,000+VAT

The starting price is competitive at approximately £34,000, excl. VAT and is available with options such as a choice of rear closures, twin-sided roller shutters and internal racking applications.

4. Reduce Carbon Emissions - Reduce Fuel Costs

Our suite of electric vehicles / electric vans (box van, wheelchair accessible vehicle, taxi and tipper) all meet demand from urban businesses and traders created by the UK government-backed zero carbon agenda.​ The electric box van emits zero carbon emissions and as it is powered completely by electric -  can save you thousands of pounds in fuel costs. 

Paul Lewis - Travel & Logistics Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University, who has a an electric box van as part of his fleet, added "Since we've transferred to electric vehicles we think we've saved £20,000 in fuel claims... and saved around 16,000 tonnes of c02."

​5. £0 Benefit-In-Kind from April 2020

This will mean that for a fully electric vehicle with zero emissions, company car drivers will pay 0% in tax. This also applies to company car drivers in fully electric vehicles which were registered prior to 6th April 2020.