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The government recently announced a date of 2040 for the ban on new petrol and diesel car sales in the UK. However in a recent turn of events, it seems it may be 8 years earlier than that, with 2032 being the new date.

When introduced, the ban will mean that new car sales will be limited to electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Norway has an earlier date of 2025 and there are cities in China which are looking at 2030. This news intensifies the need for more electric vehicles on UK roads, for both personal and business use.

The forecast for sales of electric vehicles is promising for the next few years as a range of new electric models are being introduced. With more EVs on the road, the cost of technology reduces and charging infrastructure is also improved significantly.

Nissan Electric Box Van
Electric Box Van

Nissan e-NV200 Hackney Taxi
Electric Wheelchair Accessible Taxi
Nissan e-NV200 WAV
Electric Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Vehicle

Nissan e-NV200 All-Electric Drop side Cage Tipper
Electric Drop side Cage Tipper
Nissan e-NV200 Electric Crew Cab
Electric Crew Cab

Vic Young has the perfect solution for electric commercial vehicle requirements and disabled passengers looking to go electric.

Our electric suite of vehicles includes:

  • All-Electric Box Van
  • All-Electric Wheelchair Accessible Taxi
  • All-Electric Wheelchair Accessible Passenger Vehicle
  • All-Electric Drop side Cage Tipper
  • All-Electric Crew Cab

The MG ZS EV in Pimlico Blue

The first fully electric MG car

​For organisations who require cars as well as commercial vehicles, the Vic Young fleet team can provide almost any electric car on the market. Powered by a 44.5kWh, water-cooled lithium-ion battery, the all new MG ZS EV has picked up a lot of interest as it is the best priced electric SUV car on the UK market. It can comfortably sit 5 people, has a fantastic sized boot and has a range of up to 163 miles on a single charge. From April 2020 this vehicle will be exempt from company car tax and congestion charges, which combined with the ever increasing cost in fuel will literally save businesses thousands of pounds.