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The MG service and repair department at our Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd dealership is still open, but is operating at a much reduced staffing level. As such, we will be prioritising the repair of vehicles belonging to key workers. We believe it’s vitally important they have continued mobility enabling them to carry out their jobs, and look after their families too.

It is therefore likely that our dealership will be unable to undertake routine service and maintenance on vehicles belonging to other customers for the foreseeable future. To put your mind at ease – MG are offering a temporary extension to your servicing parameters, so that your MG warranty remains intact.


1. Currently in accordance with the Warranty Terms & Conditions as can be found within the owners section on the MG Website; ‘Each main service is carried out within 1000 miles or 28 days of the recommended mileage interval or service anniversary date as shown on the Service Interval Plan’.

2. However, due the current situation in the UK, MG are offering a further 60 days and 2,000-mile top up to what is already available. Therefore, a vehicle which would be due its annual service today (24th March 2020), but is unable to book in and have this completed owing to the closure of the service department at their local MG Dealer (due to COVID-19), it will give the opportunity to have the service completed within a maximum 88 days (up to 20th June 2020) or a further 3,000 miles.

3. This service date extension from MG will initially be offered from 24th March until 24th April, giving maximum servicing flexibility until 21st July 2020, however the situation is changing daily and if this requires to be reviewed, then further communication from MG will follow.


Further to the above gesture, MG have also announced that for those customers whose MG was first registered in the UK between 23rd March - 30th April 2019, MG have agreed with their service partners at The AA, to extend your MG Assistance cover until 31st May 2020. Once the Vic Young MG Dealership returns to normal operating hours, and your first annual service completed, this will then trigger a further 12-months of free MG Assistance cover.

If you are a keyworker, or a person requiring essential repair work, contact us on the below details to arrange an appointment.

0191 427 1566