Official Nissan Car Parts Supplier


The Nissan service and repair department at our Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd dealership is still open, but is operating at a much reduced staffing level. As such, we will be prioritising the repair of vehicles belonging to key workers. We believe it’s vitally important they have continued mobility enabling them to carry out their jobs, and look after their families too.


It is therefore likely that our dealership will be unable to undertake routine service and maintenance on vehicles belonging to other customers for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry – Nissan have assured all customers that it won’t impact your warranty validity and if you do experience any mechanical issues with your vehicle or are concerned in any way, then of course don’t hesitate to contact our service centre for assistance on 0191 427 1566.

If your vehicle is still in the warranty period, under normal conditions, your vehicle should always be serviced in line with the service schedule to maintain its warranty. We understand that this might not be possible over the coming weeks and as such Nissan have assured customers that the will show flexibility regarding these regulations.


Nissan will allow a grace period for roadside assistance where the customer is unable to renew their roadside assistance entitlement due to Nissan dealerships’ inability to perform vehicle maintenance services. If the roadside assistance end date for your vehicle is within the period of restriction imposed by the Government, Nissan will extend the roadside assistance entitlement to the date your dealership is able to complete the required maintenance.

If you are a keyworker, or a person requiring essential repair work, contact us on the below details to arrange an appointment.

0191 427 1566