Sponsor money for kit and equipment

Boldon CA Girls Under 8's have been benefiting from the sponsorship that Vic Young provide. It is a massive help for the team financially, especially when it comes to good quality training kit and equipment. This reduces costs for the players and their parents, making the football more affordable and fun.

Building friendship

The game is great for encouraging them to interact with people their own age. They’ve built some great friendships through training and playing matches together. Plus it keeps the kids out of the house and active – encouraging them to have an active healthy lifestyle.

How is the team doing?

The team have been doing extremely well lately, coming second in the Russell Foster Premier Division during the 2018/19 season. They also came third in the Girls League Cup. We are hopeful that the sponsorship provided by Vic Young will continue to make a positive impact on the performance and teamwork displayed by the team.

Logo on show

Having the kit display the Vic Young logo is an added bonus and represents the passion for sport that is seen in every football and rugby sponsorship from Vic Young.