Renault Vans For Sale

Introducing the fleet of Renault Zoe courier van from Vic Young Ltd, fully electric, fully reliable. With a 195 mile range (real world), zero emissions and zero congestion charge, this is an ideal vehicle for pharmacies and food delivery.

The concept of a car-derived van is certainly uncommon, making Vic Young’s Renault Zoe courier van a unique conversion for UK roads. The full flat floor loading area complete with an impact tested bulkhead provides space and security for goods being transported. Added bonuses are the robust, removeable shelf in the storage area and the additional compartment which is accessible by a lift-up hatch. Everything forward of the bulkhead is exactly the same as the regular Zoe car.

Vic Young, Managing Director at Vic Young Ltd, is incredibly confident about the future of electric vehicles: “I am incredibly proud of our fleet of electric commercial vehicles and I am optimistic about this country’s green automotive future. Our Renault Zoe van will help more companies go green and I believe pharmacies in particular will benefit from this vehicle.”

Electric Vans For Sale

Fitted with a 52kWh battery, the real world range of this conversion is 195 miles. On top of that, it only takes 50 minutes to charge from 20%-80% using a 150kW charger. If you’re cautious that your journey will stretch the driving range, getting the vehicle to an 80% charge in under an hour will ease that stress.

A smartphone app can be used to remotely check the vehicle’s state of charge and control the schedule of charging for extra peace of mind.

Electric Vans For Business

Electric vans have a significant advantage over diesel which is that they cost much less per mile to run. Electricity is cheaper than fuel so it could cost as a little as 5-10p per mile.

In the current automotive market, electric vehicles are becoming the common sense option for more and more people. With the Renault Zoe EV courier van, Vic Young Conversions continues to push the market in new and interesting directions.

Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd currently have a stock of nearly new models of the Renault Zoe courier van priced at £18,950 +VAT available for sale.