Shining bright

The Washington Under 16 Girls Football Team have been sponsored by Vic Young for several years now, but the impact this has had on the club shines brighter now than ever before.

New kit and training equipment

Sponsor money is used to purchase new kit and training equipment and for team running costs. The squad recently reached the semi finals, winning 5-2 in their latest game. Our biggest congratulations goes to the team and we hope that our support will continue to make a positive impact.

"A pleasure to do"

Team coach, Keith Hogg took a moment to speak with us about why he volunteers for the girls: "I love doing it. You don't get paid for it, but that doesn't matter to me. It's a pleasure to do."

When asked about how the sponsorship benefits the team, Keith said: "It helps us massively. That extra cash can be invested in strips and, as you will see on the photos, they are fantastic and great for the club."

​"It offers us new opportunities"

Club captain Chloe also chatted with us about her love of participating in football: "It's really fun, I get to hang out with my friends and it offers us new opportunities."

"Vital to give back to the community"

Company director, Kathryn Young said: "We have always believed it is vital to give back to the community. Supporting sport teams and helping ease their financial costs is an honour."