Winter Warmer

Do you remember last winter? I do! Frozen windows, flat batteries!

So the team at Vic Young’s have put together a 10-point winter safety check (for all vehicles)
  1. Check and top up the antifreeze to correct strength
  2. Check all lights
  3. Check all levels and top up washers with screen wash to stop them freezing
  4. Check tyre condition and pressures we can also supply snow tyres (if fitted you must inform your insurer)
  5. Lubricate door locks, which can help to stop them from freezing up
  6. Check battery condition and state of charge (print out for you to see)
  7. Check the condition and operation of the wipers
  8. Check the condition of the drive belts excluding timing belt
  9. Check the condition of the front brake pads
  10. Check steering gear and linkages for free play

  • A free 600ml tin of de-icer,
  • An ice scraper
  • Screenwash

With every check

All for £39.95 inc. VAT

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In addition a free promotional offer:

50% off your next £39.00 MOT until the end of February 2020 (A voucher will be given to be redeemed throughout the year from the date of the winter warmer check).

Telephone: 0191 427 1566 to arrange