MG Accident Aftercare

MG Accident AfterCare is free and available 24 hours a day no matter which company insures you.

MG Accident Aftercare | MG Car Garage



1Guaranteed repairs at an MG Approved Bodyshop operating to our approved repair methods
2MG Genuine Parts. This isn't guaranteed if you call your insurer first
3We'll give you a courtesy car whilst yours is repaired*
4We'll recover your MG anywhere in the UK**
5We'll handle your motor claim and liaise with your insurer on your behalf***

Guaranteed BenefitsFeaturesMG Accident AftercareMost UK Insurers
MG Genuine Parts
Repaired using MG Genuine Parts. Always keeps your MG 100% MG.YesNo
MG Approved RepairersRepaired at our MG Approved Bodyshop to MG standards. Free courtesy car provided.YesNo
Safety Rating ProtectedSafety standards maintained by using MG Genuine PartsYesNo
Resale Value ProtectedResale value of vehicle protected by using MG Genuine Parts. 5 year repair guarantee. Manufacturer warranties fully protected.YesNo


Claim Handling

Liaise with your insurer and process your claim

Nationwide Recovery

Recovery of your vehicle to our Bodyshop

Courtesy Car

A free courtesy car for the duration of the repair*

Certified Repair

Exercise your right to an MG Approved Bodyshop repair

Genuine Parts

MG Genuine Parts

Repair Updates

Keep you informed of the progress throughout

Collect and Deliver

Collect and deliver your repaired and valeted vehicle

Maintain Warranty

Ensure your MG's warranty is maintained

Glass Service

24/7 MG glass service

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Will I need to report the claim to my insurer if you handle my claim?

We’ll notify your insurer of the accident and confirm which MG Approved Bodyshop it’ll be repaired at. If you don’t call MG first, your insurer will dictate where your vehicle will be repaired and it’ll be too late for you to exercise your right to choose.

Is there a cost for the service?

This is a free service. If the accident isn’t your fault, we recover all costs from the other party’s insurer. Similarly, there’s no extra cost if the accident was your fault. If you have comprehensive insurance, your only liability is any uninsured cost, such as policy excess.

What information do you need to manage my claim?

When you call us, we fill in a claim form over the phone. If you’re missing some details, we investigate on your behalf. It’s very simple.

If I call MG first, will it increase my next insurance premium?

Definitely not. Any increase in your next premium will be no more than if the insurer’s nominated bodyshop carried out the repair.

How does MG benefit from providing this service?

MG wants to help customers at a time of stress and inconvenience. We also have a duty of care to ensure that customers’ vehicles are repaired to the highest standard.

I’m an MG used vehicle owner – can I use this service?

This service is available to all MG customers, regardless of the vehicle’s age and to anyone that drives the vehicle providing they’re insured.

Can you help for all accidents, even a small dent?

Even the smallest scrapes. For any accident, no matter how small, you should always call MG first if you plan to make a motor claim.

*A courtesy car is provided subject to availability when you call MG Accident AfterCare first and your car is repaired by an MG approved repairer.

**Accident recovery is provided for unroadworthy vehicles when you use MG Accident AfterCare to handle your claim on your behalf. If you cancel the recovery of your vehicle you will be liable for any cancellation charges incurred, or if your insurer rejects your claim you will be liable for any recovery costs incurred.

***In some instances where your insurer may not let us report the claim to them on your behalf, we will ask you to report to them advising that you are using our MG Accident AfterCare service.