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Blogger Samantha Rickleton, voted in the top 10 Vuelio blogger awards, recently reviewed a brand new MG ZS Excite for Vic Young. With the new MG range being built in China, many people have questions over them. Samantha Rickleton however gives a fair and honest review of the new MG.

Samantha's review...

We bought our first ever new car last October. When looking for a car, we were after something which was spacious, safe and economical to run. We were also on a budget and didn't really want to spend a lot, especially as this was the first time we were making such a big purchase. During my research, I was torn between a brand new Dacia Logan or a used Zafira (which was the same as our previous car). In the end, we opted for the Dacia. The reason I am telling you all of this is because MG cars didn't even cross my mind and I didn't stumble upon them during my research either. In my mind, MG made cars that were sporty and small and I thought they were pretty expensive too so I was pretty shocked when Vic Young got in touch to tell me about the MG ZS Excite. This SUV is actually less expensive than what we paid for our Dacia. I am shocked! I hope this post will help others who are looking for a fantastic value family car.

MG ZS Excite Blogger Review
MG ZS Excite Review

When looking for a car, the main consideration is probably the price and I cannot believe how reasonable the MG ZS is. Vic Young (they're based in South Shields) is currently running an offer where you can pick up a brand new MG ZS for just £12,690! Wow! This price includes a 7 year warranty too.

​First of all, I really like the way the car looks. I don't think it looks cheap at all. The car was so easy to drive and very light on the steering. It was intuitive and not difficult at all. Cruise control, rear parking sensors and controls on the steering wheel make it super easy. We were the very first people to drive this particular car (eeek) so I was a little nervous but it was honestly a breeze and my nerves soon disappeared.

The car was nice and comfortable too and I'd have no problems sitting in here for a long road trip. The kids mentioned they had more leg room than our current car and were happy campers. I was pleased to find that all-important USB phone charging point in the front (an essential for me) and first impressions were really good. You won't find any hard, cheap plastics here - the MG ZS Excite is pretty stylish and you just don't feel as if you're driving a budget car.

MG ZS Excite Blog Review
MG ZS Excite Blogger Review

I don't think you could squeeze three full-sized car seats in the back of this car but it was fine for my three who use booster seats and two car seats would work just fine. There are rear ISO Fix fittings as standard.

The boot space is decent and I love the way it opens with the MG badge - nice touch. I'd definitely be able to fit a full week's shop in here and would manage just fine with this amount of space during our day to day lives. I would struggle during our camping and road trips though and I think we'd need to add a roof box for our longer trips away. There are two net pockets at the sides of the boot which were super useful for storing loose items - I wish my current car had this feature.

​There are a few features missing from the Excite model for me which are available with the upgraded MG ZS Exclusive. The main one being SatNav, I can't ever imagine buying a car without SatNav these days so was surprised that it wasn't available as standard with the Excite.

MG ZS Excite Review
MG ZS Excite Review

The MG ZS 1.5 Excite is not the speediest of cars. You put your foot down and there is no sudden acceleration here and 0-60 will take 10.4 seconds (in test conditions). I expected it to be nice and nippy but there was definitely no va va voom when I was driving around town but I think that's ok. As a family driver, speed and quick acceleration is not my number one priority and I'd much rather take safety, value and a 7-year warranty if I'm honest.

I'm really pleased we were given the chance to test drive an MG ZS Excite and that this brand of car has been brought to my attention now. I would have no hesitation in buying this for our main family car (although I would buy the model with Sat Nav). We're going to buy a second car in a couple of years time and I'll definitely consider MG and Vic Young when the time comes. If you're looking for a great value compact SUV which looks stylish and comes with a 7-year warranty, the MG ZS Excite is one to check out.